The Cooking Yam is ever-growing and as well as regular recipes on social media, I am now pleased to offer the following additional services:

  • Nutrition consultations (sports, generic, specialised diets)
  • Nutrition resources (pre-existing or bespoke nutrition guides)
  • Nutrition workshops (available for sports clubs and corporate companies)
  • Recipe development (including creative recipes, visual content, recipes for specialised diets and nutritional information)
  •  Healthy snack orders (for more information, please get in touch)


Nutrition Resources

I have a range of resources available for purchase, including simple recipe guides as well as guides for eating out and cooking healthily on a budget. For more information about my, or to discuss your own bespoke nutrition guide, please get in touch via the Contact page .

FREE Lockdown Nutrition Resources

It’s a challenging time for us all and it can be easy to let our own needs fall to the wayside when we’re looking after others. But I’ve got these two simple guides to help you manage your nutrition well during the COVID-19 Lockdown:

  • Flexible shopping guide – we’re finding a huge variation in food availability across the country, so here’s a few tips for how you can change up your usual meals and snacks to make the most of what you do have.
  • Stay at home snacking guide ease of access, boredom and stress can lead to poor snacking habits, so check out this new infographic if you’re looking for a bit of guidance.
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