For the past couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to be working with health food brand ‘GetBuzzing’.

This UK-based start-up is fairly new on the nutritional scene and is one of the lesser known brands in the hectic health food market. GetBuzzing is their name, and delicious oat-based goodies are their game, with many varieties of flapjacks and protein bars being their main product base.

Get Buzzing pride themselves on their main USP – they’re nut free! The majority of ‘healthy’ (I definitely say this with caution!) snack bars do contain nuts, if not for flavour then for the additional protein that they contribute. Yet GetBuzzing have managed to create a vast range of bars in all sorts of classic and creative flavours, minus the nuts, and with no compromise on flavour. It means that those with nut-free diets can still enjoy these without fear of any adverse effects.

So what products do they sell?

Here I’ll just give a brief overview of the GetBuzzing products I’ve tried, but head to their website for the full range.


  • Mixed berry
  • ‘Wowbutter’ – my personal favourite of the flapjacks – I’m a peanut butter addict!
  • Date and seed
  • Banana


High protein bars:

  • Cherry*
  • Mint chocolate*
  • Vanilla*
  • Chocolate coconut*

*(Also gluten free)

Calling all athletes!

For those of you who are athletes – at any level, from amateur up to elite – you’ll know that there’s an abundance of supplements, bars and so-called ‘health foods’ out there crying for your attention. In such a competitive market it can be easy for companies to be tempted to make claims about their products in order to attract customers, but how can you be sure whether their claims are trustworthy? Personally, I would always look for an Informed Sport approval logo when choosing a sports supplement or food, just for peace of mind over the contents. Though I’m no serious athlete, I still prefer to know that the foods I choose to support training sessions have been prepared in a safe environment, with no hidden nasties. I’m picky with protein – I’m pescatarian, so gelatine-based protein bars are a no-go, and often whey-based bars leave me tediously chewing like a grazing cow – but one of the easiest ways to get protein in my diet, especially following a training session, is by using sports foods. Thank you, GetBuzzing! I enjoyed their protein bars so much, for so many reasons!

  1. The flavours are new and interesting
  2. They contain soy crispies, which add a different texture to the bars
  3. They don’t require an hours’-worth of chewing!
  4. They’re actually a joy to eat, and often taste like a chocolate-y treat (especially the Choc Coconut one!)
  5. They’re not overly sweet! These bars contain the right amount of sugar to be enjoyable, but not leave you with sugar rush!


Not another sports bar!

Sports bars are convenient for when you’re on-the-go. Busy athletes, students, those with a hectic work schedule…these are exactly the kinds of people that handy sports bars are perfect for. However as you may have seen, the sports nutrition market is switched onto this and is trying its hardest to capitalise on it! Sports foods are everywhere you turn, now in multiple aisles in much-loved supermarkets when they used to be restricted to the pricey shelves of health food stores. But my advice is to be careful when choosing one. If a snack bar is something you use for the convenience of obtaining nutrients in a small package, then that’s fine! Just make sure you check out the ingredients in the bars so that you can tell whether you’re getting the most for your money (these things can cost a fortune!).

Get Creative!

Sometimes I can get bored with bars, though, so I like to change it up. As a recipe developer I love getting creative with ingredients, and why not use bars in recipes? I’ve used GetBuzzing bars in so many different ways and am always trying to think of more! As part of my partnership with GetBuzzing, I’m planning on getting this great brand out there by showing my lovely readers that they’re more than just a sports bar brand. Eat the bar straight, use as a granola on fruit and yoghurt, top your porridge with it, make yoghurt bites with them, use them as a base for some tasty treats…the options are endless!

So this is my page for GetBuzzing creations! Make sure you check this page often for all the latest GetBuzzing posts.

Any comments or questions, get in touch!


GetBuzzing Recipes

You’ll find all the links to my GetBuzzing Recipes below – these tasty treats use a range of different GetBuzzing bars as a starter, then a few extra ingredients to get a little bit creative!

GetBuzzing Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny has paid a visit and he’s bringing together GetBuzzing goodness along with the indulgence of chocolate! This simple Easter treat is perfect for sharing with family and friends to spread the Easter joy!


You can find the recipe for this Easter treat here!

Chocolate Wowbutter Pancakes

If you’re looking to up your pancake game then my rich and chocolatey Wowbutter pancakes are just for you! They’re a nutritious yet indulgent option for breakfast, brunch or dessert that will satisfy those sweet cravings – who doesn’t love a good pancake stack?!

20190302_143011 (1)

Treat yourself! Find the recipe here!

GetBuzzing Thumbprint Cookies

I’m back with another creative recipe using delicious GetBuzzing bars – there’s two options here, so whether you’re a chocoholic or a fruity fan there’s something for you! You can whip these tasty thumbprint cookies up in 20 minutes on the weekend and have them as a handy healthy snack or quick breakfast option for the week ahead!


Got 20 minutes spare? Find the recipe here!

GetBuzzing Granola

It’s easy, it’s delicious, it’s healthy! Homemade granola doesn’t have to take forever to make, why not use GetBuzzing bars?


Find the easy recipe here!

GetBuzzing Energy Truffles


Find the recipe here

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